First Post

Hey y’all. This is my first post….obviously. I am both nervous and excited to try this for the second time. I tried as a very young teenager, but my immaturity and lack of writing skill contributed to a pretty embarrassing fail (and title). I am now older and I like to think a little more refined. I no longer care to blog about the Jonas Brothers or how Cheetos are a gift from heaven (they are though). I am also over┬áthe stage of thinking “beauty” is my bright purple eyeshadow, foundation on lips, bushy and unbothered eyebrows with stiff, wet looking “scrunched” hair. Man, I had to have been a beauty to look at back then. On the real tho, I intend to use this blog to post reviews of products, recipes, tutorial, and whatever else seems fit. I can’t promise that Cheetos or the JoBro’s will never come up, but I can assure you, this will be more relatable than in the past.