June Ipsy Bag

IMG_2942Hey all!  I’m sure everyone by now is well aware of the Ipsy Glam Bag. If you’re not it’s an amazing subscription service that sends you a super cute cosmetic bag with 4-5 items each month. Every month the products are different and are determined by your beauty profile. The price is $10 per month and can be cancelled anytime. It is well worth the price in my opinion and I really enjoy the surprise each month. I was previously a member of Ipsy for years but decided to cancel due to financial reasons. Now that things have stabilized, I have subscribed again and this bag is my first one received. If you are interested in a subscription of your own you can follow my link to score of your own and I’ll also receive 250 points for the referral

Like I mentioned above, Ipsy offers referral points that can be redeemed for free items. Members review each product in their bag for points and after you accumulate enough you can redeem for beauty items. They are sample size I believe, but you can score beauty blenders and brushes on occasion. It’s an awesome addition because who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Now that I’ve finished a little information on the company, lets dive into this months bag!

Before I go into the products, I will add that Ipsy is not endorsing this review. It is unbiased and purchased with my own money.

The items I received in this months bag were:

Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed Skin: Glacial Face Wash 0.68 fl oz 


This bag did not come with any product info sheet so I’ve done research of my own to tell you about the products. Skyn Iceland is vegan and cruelty free beauty company. You can find products that range from anti-aging to cleansing products. The facial wash contains arctic glacial water.

I received the 0.68 oz version. You can buy the full size 30 oz. here.

The product description on their website is:

“Is your skin depleted, congested and irritated from a high-octane, 24/7 lifestyle? Pamper it with a refreshing, foaming cleanser that will leave your skin squeaky clean and hydrated. Formulated with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial botanicals, this mild cleanser detoxifies and purifies without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Skin’s harmony, balance and glow are restored.”

This product was just okay. It does have a nice clean scent to it and I like the idea of it containing  glacier water. However, my skin is pretty sensitive and I would rather receive makeup products over cleansers.

City Color Cosmetics: Shimmer Shadow Cheers to Life 


Okay, before I talk about this product I need to let y’all know the first thing I noticed on their website was “prefect” rather than “perfect”. Now mistakes happen, but….. Okay, now that is off my chest. I LOVE this eyeshadow. It’s super pigmented and perfect for evening. I go to a lot of concerts and usually like a bold eye look and this will be perfect. It is also printed on the back of the compact that this company is cruelty free so that is AWESOME. I paid a visit to their website and although there are a few misspellings, their products seem to be super affordable. I couldn’t find this actual shadow or even this shadow in another shade. That leads me to believe that it might be a discontinued product but “I ain’t got no type” so that doesn’t bother me. I like the shadow and that is all that matters. If you want to check our their website and purchase items for yourself head here and check them out.

The Balm Cosmetics: Instain Blush-Pinstripe

When I looked at my spoiler for my bag I was SO incredibly excited to receive this product. I dropped and busted my favorite Tarté blush, so this was right up my alley. However, when I opened the bag this product is very tiny. So tiny that I’m honestly unsure how I would use it as blush because all of my brushes are too big. I could use an eyeshadow blush to apply it, but these cheeks are chubby and this chubster just isn’t up for it. With that being said, the color is still amazing and it will make a beautiful eyeshadow. Since it’s too small for a blush and I’m still without, I guess I have an excuse to purchase the Too Faced peach scented blush I’ve been eyeballing..right? You can purchase a full size blush at the Balm’s website if you want one. Will I purchase? probably not.

Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil: Matte Black


I typically use the eyeliner pen or something of that nature but you can never have too many eyeliner products. I will probably throw this in my makeup bag to keep with me in case of emergencies. This product is waterproof and when I tried it out, it didn’t seem to smudge that easy. So this will be an awesome product for swimming or my favorite event…concerts. The full size can be purchased on their website for $21 or you can probably pick up one at Sephora.

Vasanti Power Oils Lip Gloss: Super Mom


This is the last product (and my favorite) that I received. This lipgloss is cruelty free and vegan friendly! I typically only wear matte lip products but this color is to die for. I wore it around the house and I’m actually digging this gloss. Will I switch to gloss? It’s doubtful, but this will be awesome for summer days out. You can pick up a full size for $19 here

Swatches from top to bottom: Vasanti gloss, Instain blush, City Color shadow, Makeup Forever liner.

Final thoughts: I love this bag…hollla.